For businesses with two or more locations.  Easily tap into each location review scores and pinpoint their best and worst performers.  If you have multiple locations, you need an easy way to monitor all of your reputation data. Growing Reviews Brand Analytics is the best-in-class tool for multi-location reputation reporting.

Brand Analytics offers multi-location customers the ability to see their brand's entire online reputation and drill down to specific locations.  It simplifies presence management for multi-location businesses by reporting coverage of all their major directory listings.


71% of consumers change their perception of a brand after seeing it respond to a review.


Brand Analytics is built on top of our industry leading Reputation Intelligence platform.  Since we already have access to your store-level information, we can roll up that data and deliver it in one actionable report.

Visibility shows where you’re listed in online directories (and whether or not that information is accurate). Inconsistent listings lead to poor placement in search engine results.

So now, brand and franchise owners can get an instant look at the online reputations of all their locations.

Reviews from sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Urbanspoon are broken down by rating and region.  

  • Find out which locations are under performing 
  • Discover the stores that are excelling
  • Track performance over time

Slice and dice your data however you want:

  • Create customized trees according to your company’s regions
  • Pay attention to the sources and sites that matter most to your business

For Brand Managers, franchises, and businesses with multiple locations, Brand Analytics can roll up accounts into one actionable report.

  • Monitor reputations of both individual locations and entire regions

  • Compare social media performance across different territories

  • Use presence and accuracy scor es to improve SEO


Shoppers who read brand responses that offer to refund, upgrade, or exchange products are 92% more likely to purchase, and product sentiment increases by 88%.