Yelp Review Calculator for Business Listings

How to use this tool:

1. Type in the number of reviews for each of your star rating. For example, if you were to have 3 1-star reviews, you'd enter in the number 3 in the 1-Star box above.

2. Your final number should resemble what is the rule-of-thumb that Yelp uses to determine your actual full star rating. Because an algorithm will weight the value of the review differently over time (using criteria such as recency, how often the Yelper contributes, etc), this tool is meant to simulate the core math of their system but not the exact business logic in real-time. However, I keep this page updated with the most current version of the math that I'm able to extrapolate from thousands of reviews and listings and then running scientific queries against them.

3. You may "play" with the reviews to test out scenerios, for example, answering the question of "How many 5-star reviews would I need to upgrade my listing to the next 1/2 star?" is easy to calculate by entering guesses against it and comparing it to the chart.

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