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POS payroll deduction systems are much more than just a convenience for your employees; they are also a source of revenue for your company. It’s a convenience factor that encourages employees to buy voluntary products on-site, such as food, meals, or even gifts, if applicable. If your company is currently considering a POS payroll deduction system, we invite you to contact our staff at ARBA Retail Systems to learn more about the advantages of upgrading to the latest in technology.

Cashless Payment Is Preferred

More consumers are turning to plastic payment methods for purchases throughout their day for the simple reason that credit and debit cards are more convenient and more secure than carrying cash. Payroll deduction is even easier for employees to take advantage of since they neither need money or any other type of payment method to purchase items at the workplace.

When asked why they purchased particular products at a corporation using payroll deduction, the vast majority of employees questioned responded that they liked the convenience of having the costs deducted from their paycheck without having to worry about day-to-day payments for the items.

Increase Revenue At Your Facility

Corporations using POS payroll deduction systems consistently find their bottom line moving in a positive direction, directly related to an increase in the number of employees who decide to eat at work rather than bring their meals from home or an outside establishment.

ARBA’s technology has been rated as the best Employee Payroll Deduction Software available today. For a hospital, school, and corporate cafeterias and cafes, payroll deduction is the solution more facilities are turning to for an increase in employee participation. Our system utilizes the employee ID that your workers are already carrying to further convenience.

Reduced Labor Costs Are an Additional Benefit

Your company cafeteria or cafe can run more efficiently with fewer staff members, using our technology that speeds checkout time. We can install self-service kiosks in your facility that significantly reduces the number of employees you’ll need to keep operations running smoothly. Our newest ARBA POS system menus even give your employees the option of ordering food, with a crisp, easy-to-use interface that is preferred by 96% of employees who were interviewed.

Our self-service kiosks can incorporate payroll deduction with credit and debit card payments to ensure a viable option for every employee. Our systems reduce wait times and improve the cafeteria experience significantly.

Customized Solutions For Every Industry

Best of all, we’re able to customize our POS payroll deduction systems to meet your facility’s needs fully. We’re able to create a system that tracks employee purchases against their spending limits, with employee notifications and optional manager’s override. Our fully-automated systems recognize new employees, replacement badge numbers, and employees no longer working at your facility.

Experience the benefits that come from utilizing the best technology on the market today. ARBA is on the cutting-edge of corporate payroll systems. Our team of professionals can install a POS payroll deduction system that streamlines the checkout process at your place of business, encouraging employee participation and helping to grow profits.