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Ipad Display Stand For Trade Show

iPad Display Stand for Trade Shows

Trade shows are excellent venues to introduce a new product or service, and wow the market and suppliers. These events are also wonderful avenues to discover new and upcoming technologies that will hit the market, which explains why big companies spend a lot of exhibits mounted on these events.

It is also undeniable that competing companies often have to stand side by side in trade shows the world over. As such, these companies always get the best creative team to mount up the most attractive and eye-catching information hub for the duration of the event. This is where Giant iTab has found and succeeded in its niche of serving those who want to stand above the rest.

Features of the Tool

Flexible Tool

Fortunately, the Giant iTab is not just for manufacturers of mobile devices. It has been proven effective by its plethora of customers that range from automobile, airline, publishing, telecommunications, business process outsourcing, and financial services.

The tool provided by Giant iTab has been found beneficial across industries and has been deemed effective in getting the attention of potential customers and suppliers.


The size of the Giant iTab ensures that customers do not miss out on the information and content shared on its screen. It is simply a novel way of presenting information to clients during a trade show.


There is no limitation to the level of information and interactivity featured by the Giant iTab. The only limitation will be the content that you want to feature.

Benefits of Using the Giant iTab

More Reach

The features of this tool allow more people to be reached. This does not mean just the number of people, but the size also allows farther reach. People standing from afar will be able to catch the information on it and either walk to it or reach from where they are.

Better Delivery of Information

The Ipad display stand for trade shows allow the attendees to see the information as it gets shown on their real gadgets, and not merely information projected on screens. The experience is just heightened because the digital content looks like it has just been blown up 100 times bigger than the size it comes out on actual gadgets.

More Engagement

The novelty of the tool makes people want to come nearer and try it out. This effectively increases the engagement of the target customers. 

Stay Ahead of Competition

Get ahead of the competition and get the Giant iTab to work for you on trade shows. The giant iPad display stand for trade shows will surely deliver results that you have never had before. If you have always had more people visiting your booth, the novelty of the tool will surely get more people coming into your booth to check out what you have.

Call now and get a demo of this new tool and pick the right size and layout for your product and service feature for your next trade show.

Ipad Display Stand For Trade Show
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