ARBA Pro Retail Systems has been providing gift shop POS solutions for more than 30 years. Our dynamic POS software has enhanced revenue, simplified managerial tasks, and implemented payroll deductions for countless gift shops throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition to these, there are many benefits employers enjoy when choosing our gift shop POS packages. For example, training new employees and volunteers is made easy, and our software even has an easy-to-use "training" mode. This allows employers to train without having to alter or lose any of their data.

Overall, ARBA Pro Retail Systems enhances the customer experience dramatically. From faster checkouts, fast and easy inventory tracking, reduction of employee errors, and more, your customers are sure to get what they want without trouble.

Employees Benefit from ARBA Gift Shop POS Systems

Your customers aren't the only ones who will benefit from ARBA Pro. One way your employees will benefit is that employers will be able to offer payroll deductions. This a great way to create a new revenue stream and your employees will be thankful to have a new line of credit. Of course, payroll deductions are most common in hospitals, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops, where employees can purchase food by presenting an employee badge or employee ID number. However, payroll deductions can also be implemented in gift shops. ARBA gift shop POS software allows employers to set limits on spending and limit purchase choices. 

Another practical benefit of ARBA Pro gift shop POS systems is that you'll be able to manage price changes on the fly. Track and manage your shipments, create reports with the click of a button, and adjust your inventory in a matter of seconds. All this from one convenient POS terminal.

ARBA Pro Helps Employers Manage Their Business Better

Our gift shop POS software also makes item searching easy. You can look up anything by keyword or by other means when a customer asks if you have a particular item in stock. Either at the POS terminal or with a handheld device, you'll be able to look up inventory by UPC, location, manufacturer or vendor number, and several other convenient ways.

In addition to these and many other benefits, ARBA Pro gives employers the option to implement layaway, opening yet another stream of revenue. This isn't the most common usage of our gift shop POS software, but the option is there if you decide to use it. Besides simple layaway options, you'll be able to add detailed criteria to layaway items, such as work orders, customization, or customer information.

ARBA Pro gift shop POS systems increase company cash flow, limit waste and mistakes, and make the retail transaction process smooth and enjoyable for all parties. Contact us today to see how our affordable software can make your business better. We also have a team of excellent developers who can develop and customize your POS software specifically to accommodate your gift shop's needs.