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Free Electrical Estimating Software

Free Electrical Estimating Software

The ability to accurately estimate electrical installation or repair costs can make or mar your business as an electrical contractor. With accurate estimation, you can give your clients specific quotes, and you'll be in a better position to negotiate your rates. Unfortunately, traditional estimation methods do not guarantee the desired accuracy. Thankfully, electrical estimating software like ours makes it easier to cope with the demands of electrical contracting.

Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software

Homemade spreadsheets cannot cope with the demands of the modern electrical estimating environment. Spreadsheets simply cannot offer the level of speed, accuracy, or details needed. Electrical estimating apps allow you to create accurate, detailed estimates at short notice without having to break the bank or attend special classes to get started.

Electrical Estimating Software

So if you are tired of spending countless hours doing estimations manually. Or you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable software solution that will save you hours of misery and money at the same time, get Best Bid electrical estimating software. It is the leading software for electrical estimators and bids and is guaranteed to turn your business around. Here's how:

  • The "Master Control Panel" makes navigation extremely easy
  • You can use prebuilt assemblies to enter your quantities for all sections of the work
  • You can make flexible on-the-fly changes for raceways, fittings, conductors, and most items
  • You can access our unlimited database and add or make changes to the items
  • Create and save unlimited "Custom Assemblies."
  • Create your drop-down list to include the items that you regularly use
  • The "Crew Designer" feature allows you to group your employees for the next project
  • You can incorporate labor burdens, and use your valid labor rates, or choose a single-price labor fee
  • You can add profit margins as needed
  • The "Netpricer" feature allows you to update your pricing for material price updates with a subscription.
  • You get to review the "Audit Trail" during your estimate
  • Use the "Worksheet" feature to review your completed estimate before a presentation.
  • You can use your preinstalled computer prices or use the overwrite button to enter a complete material quote.
  • You get to enjoy our autosave feature, so you never lose your work
  • Prepare and fax quote requests directly from your takeoff
  • Track labor.
  • You can adjust the labor difficulty for each assembly according to the difficulty
  • You can incorporate labor burdens and use your valid labor rates, or choose a single-price labor fee.
  • Save time by using the clickable database to enter items into the worksheet
  • Change items in the database, add custom ID numbers for each item, and modify pricing and man-hours, product descriptions, and more
  • You can use our alarms for incorrect entries.

Guess what? You can enjoy all these features for free! We have a paid solution, but we offer a free trial period, support, and training to use the software properly. So, you get to enjoy our accurate, convenient, and cost-effective software for free!

If you'd like to purchase the best electrical estimating software, contact us now on 800-941-7028 or follow this link to download Best Bid Electrical Estimating Software free of charge.

Free Electrical Estimating Software