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Electrical estimating software has become an indispensable tool for electrical contractors. These apps help to produce accurate estimates for the most complex electrical projects, even with minimal input from the user. What’s more? The best apps deliver their results about 70% faster than you’ll get from manual estimation. If you’re yet to start using electrical estimating software, you should know you’re leaving a lot of money on the table as an electrical contractor.

Perhaps you’re thinking of boosting your business by acquiring one; we’re here to give you the good news that Best Bid Hybrid Pro is the leading software for electrical estimators and bids. The app’s advanced features place it heads and shoulders above the competition, and it comes at a pocket-friendly rate. What’s more? Bes Bid Hybrid Pro is arguably the most user-friendly electrical estimating software you’d find anywhere.

Here, we provide a step-by-step summary of how to use Best Bid Hybrid Pro for intending buyers:

How to use Best-Bid Electrical estimating software 

Bes-Bids user-friendly control panel is set up in the same order as most plans. You’ll see important estimating units such as Lighting, Switches, Receptacles, Custom Conduit and Wire, etc., on the tab.

To create a lighting assembly: 

Step 1

Select Lighting. Your app screen will show the lighting assemblies you’ve previously created. Since you’re creating a new assembly, select ‘New Task’.

Step 2 

Under the tag heading, enter your lighting tags as listed on the lighting schedule.

Step 3 

Enter the corresponding quantities for each lighting tag.

Step 4 

Select Save to keep a record of your work.

Step 5 

If you wish to review your results, select ‘Assembly Details’. You’ll be amazed at how fast Bed Bid will deliver the results of your lighting estimates.

Alternatively, you can enter a job phase from the drop-down menu.  

The result page shows all of the materials and man-hours you need to perform the lighting portion of the estimate. Once you’re done reviewing your results, you can move back to the control panel by selecting the ‘control panel’ icon.

Note: The results you’ll see are based on Best Bid’s default estimating settings. Perhaps your company has unique estimating practices; Best Bid’s flexibility and versatility allow you to modify the results to suit your needs. For example, you can change Raceway types and sizes, conductor types, fitting types, etc.

All of Best Bid’s assembly functions the same to reduce the learning curve. So, if you’re done estimating for lighting, and you wish to create an estimate for switches, you’ll be following roughly the same steps. Each assembly is also modifiable to suit your company’s unique estimating practices.

Contact Best Bid today to explore the best electrical estimating software on the market today or visit our website to download the free trial version. The Best Bid Hybrid pro costs less than $2000 for a lifetime, and there’s even a monthly rental plan for contractors who cannot afford the full payment. If you want to make the full payment but do not have enough money, you can also explore our interest-free financing options.

Estimating Software Electrical