The spread of the novel Covid virus raised a lot of curiosity in the science community. The CDC recommended washing hands and keeping surfaces clean by using disinfectants, which was the first step to figuring out how else we can kill the virus in all sorts of areas.

Disinfecting Hololens

Society soon figured that it was impossible to clean some items or large surfaces with water or disinfectants. Industries like the airline and large commercial businesses resorted to better and faster cleaning methods that would get to the most profound areas of the tech gadgets.

UV cleaning helps to make cleaning better and safer because it is less messy and can traverse narrow areas in less than half the time it would take to do it manually with other kinds of tools. Combining UV light rays with highly engineered technology enhances the effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Comparison Between Normal Disinfectants And UV Light

  • Disinfectants have chemicals that are harmful by nature and can cause a lot of damage to the lungs, skin, and overall health.
  • Most disinfectants do not have an EPA approval because they do not meet the standards of what we would consider safe for human usage.

Reasons UV Light Is Better

  • There is enough scientific evidence to show that UV products have the power to kill the RNA and DNA in pathogens causing illness.
  • Using UV cleaning tools is much better because you use less energy and spend less time prepping and finalizing the surface for use.
  • UV rays have a higher kill rate than any other type of solution, which means it is better to use them when you want to inactivate more pathogens and

CleanBox has several systems with the correct cleaning dose or frequency, so you do not have to run several cycles for the best results. Here is a summary of our UV cleaning systems.

  • CX Series – It cleans head-mounted devices like AR/VR headsets, earphones, and broadcasters.
  • Cleandefence – It is a mobile device that you can use to clean your face mask throughout the day as you go about everyday routines. Most people like to carry it when traveling through airports, dental offices, manufacturing plants, and crowded areas.
  • Omniclean – The product offers excellent cleaning effects for portable units of any size, including ipads, earbuds, watches, glasses, and more.

Final Word On Clean Box

Many people do not know how to cope with the risk of getting Covid when they travel through crowded areas. We all would appreciate a way to know whether we need a face mask every couple of hours, or at least have solutions to clean the present ones so they can serve us great at any time of day or night.

CleanBox has designed systems you can carry around with you on your everyday errands, to destroy harmful pathogens and make sure you stay safe. Travelers can safely get these gadgets through the airport and use them to disinfect their luggage after getting them from the conveyor belt.

Check out the full description of our units online and make your order today for fast shipping.

Disinfect Hololens
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Disinfect Hololens
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